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Unleash Your Entrepreneur Potential

What’s about the Consultation?
BizCraft Consultation takes emphasis on the awareness of your Entrepreneur Potential, enhance your capabilities and successes to the next level, seeking to achieve a breakthrough in your business or career, or perhaps potential pitfalls that you can avoid or at least reduce the negative impact affecting your current entrepreneur endeavors. The analysis will be derived from various Chinese Metaphysics tools, such as Bazi, Qi Men Dun Jia, Feng Shui, etc.  

What’s the Benefit?
  • Understand more about what’s your unconscious Business Competence, and what you want to achieve.
  • Aware of your Value Creation capability.
  • Find out who you can leverage to support your business or be part of your team.
  • Years that you need to beware of facing any Legal or Lawsuit Crisis.
  • Changes in your Business Networth, Competitors Aggression, Partnerships, etc.
  • Refocus your Business Priority where you could have neglected or unaware.
  • Find out your dedicated Personal Time for Creative ideas or Problem Solving.
  • Discover your Defensive and Offensive strategies to overcome your weaknesses and enhance your strength in your Business Endearvors.
BizCraft Consultation
Improve Your Business with the Art of War
Who Can Benefit?
Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, HR Admin, Senior Management involving Business Decisions, anyone who are intending to start up their own business or interested to know more about their entrepreneur potentials, etc.

What is Required?
  • Your Name
  • Date and Time of Birth
  • Gender
  • Floor Plan with Main Door Facing direction*.
Note: * Stand with your back one step in front the main door outside your home, and take measurement of your Main Door Facing direction with a compass.

What you will Receive?
  • 1-1 Personal Appointment
  • An Analysis report based on your Entrepreneur Profile comprising the followings:
    • Business Personalities and Competence
    • Defensive and Offensive Business strategies
    • Time Supremacy to power up your Business related activities
    • Opportunity Creation with your Personal Life Directions and Essentials the Feng Shui way

Consultation Fee
  • Special Consultation: S$198 (usual $380)
    • for this festive month of December only

Some of the feedbacks from the individuals whom have engaged this consultation:

  • "The consultation is especially useful in understanding self and thus create awareness to both challenges and discovery of more opportunities around."  ...Business Owner

  • "The analysis is very detailed and I personally like the BizDays best as it's easier for me to make appointment to meet potential clients."   ...Business Owner

  • "It has enhanced my self-awareness and how I should be conducting my business to ensure higher efficiency and effectiveness."   ...Financial Advisor

  • "Understanding my Strength and Weakness, and also creative thinking timings."  ...Free Consultant

  • "It is a useful and invaluable coaching session for personal development."  ...Corporate Administrator

Special Bonus

Bonus #1: Your Personal Insight in 2019 with Bazi
A General Life Analysis to find out what is installed for you in 2019, especially in your Career, Business and Investment, etc.

Bonus #2: Opportunity Creation with Feng Shui
Enhances your Work or Study areas for opportunities relating to Wealth Creation with Feng Shui Trade Secrets will be shared in this special consultation.

Special Benefit
BizCraft+ Analyzer offers as a mobile Web Application for fast and direct access to reveal your Business Competence and strategies to facilitate a more favorable outcome on your Business related activities.

This application works well with your Smart Phones only and for a limited period, access is available to my value clients whom have invested in the BizCraft Consultation through invitation only. Click here for more details.
BizCraft+mobile web app

Contacting Me
Feel free to reach me should you need further details for this consultation with the following contacting details:

Mobile: +65-9823 1354

Consultation Hours:
Monday – Friday: 10am – 6pm.
Saturday: 10am – 4pm.
Sunday & PH: Closed

*Note: I do not pick up calls that are displayed as “Private Number” or "No Caller ID" owing to spam calls concern.
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