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Practical Feng Shui for Property Buyers Bootcamp
Learn useful and practical classical Feng Shui applications to select the right property for you and your family, or add an extra edge to your real estate business by helping your clients to purchase their dream home with this knowledge.

Feng Shui is about harnessing the natural energy of your living environment to help you achieve your goals. It makes your home a comfortable and joyous place to reside in and at the same time, support your life endeavors.

This informative Full-Day Bootcamp will bring easy-to-learn yet essential classical Feng Shui tips and techniques, enabling you to grasp maximum benefits for any homebuyers and real estate salespersons, whether you are buying or selling a property.

Course Outlines
  •  Understand the essential in selecting the right property for your clients, or you and your family members.

  • Learn straightforward but essential Classical Feng Shui  formulas all homebuyers need to know.

  • Identify internal positive and negative forms inside the property and its remedies.

  • Discover Feng Shui trade secrets to improve your wealth and abundances.

Programme Overview
What’s Feng Shui?
Define Feng Shui
New Age vs Classical Feng Shui
4 Important Factors of Feng Shui

Understanding Yourself
Know your Feng Shui Blueprints - Gua number, Animal Sign and Personal Directions
Find out why these are essential in property selection that is right for you and your family members
Learn how to use your Gua number and Animal Sign to predict events or happenings at your home

Inside the House – Interior Feng Shui
What are the 5 important essentials in your Home?
Who sleeps which Rooms?
Impact of Internal Negative forms & remedies

Location, Location, Location – Exterior Feng Shui
Identify good and bad external features, and their remedies.
Spot the Crane amongst the Chickens
Know more about the Mountain and Water story
Impact of Negative forms against you and family members
How-To take House Facing correctly

Feng Shui Applications and Tips
Annual Afflictions & remedies to reduce the imprint
Chasing the Stars for Short Term Goals
Trade Secrets to add an extra edge in improving your Wealth & Abundances and/or uplift your Sales.

Some Warm Heartening Feedbacks
from the earlier Batches of Attendees
I always wanted to break the ice with my clients who know feng shui. It's always good to learn the basics and put myself into their shoes. Giving value advice and recommendations.
Good course. Will recommend others to attend.
The course is pretty comprehensive to suit my understanding and needs.
Learn how to check building facing & good/bad stack of any property development.
Know how to select a property for long and short term investment.

Simple and Easy to understand for obsolute Beginners.
Useful knowledge to enhance our Real Estate work.

Programme Details
Date: 24 September 2019
Time: 10am to 5pm
Fees: S$388
Trainer: Martin Ho

Training Venue
Hastor Property Services Pte Ltd
190 Lor 6 Toa Payoh, #02-514, Singapore(310190)

Contacting Me
If you are interested and needed more information about the Practical Feng Shui Bootcamp for Property Buyers, you can reach me with the following contacting details:

Mobile: +65-9823 1354
*Note: I do not pick up calls that are displayed as “Private Number” or "No Caller ID" owing to spam calls concern.

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